Acne Treatments

I LOVE ACNE! That might sound like an odd phrase to some but nothing is more rewarding than helping someone feel more comfortable in their own skin. From a minor breakout to inflamed painful moderate acne, I am here to help. With 3 levels of treatment: Spa therapy, Advanced therapy and Clinical therapy I am confident that we will find the right treatment to get you on track to healthier skin. Consistency is key for goal oriented results a series of 4-6 treatments is always recommended. (*Prices subject to change)


Reveal your healthy glow with this highly effective yet gentle facial that offers a natural alternative to chemical peels. A blend of botanical enzymes dissolves pore-clogging debris while balancing, softening and purifying skin. Smoother texture, visibly diminished pores and refreshing non-comedogenic hydration complete the picture.

Spa Therapy 50mins $100

 Series of 6 $500 ($100 savings)


This facial fights acne on two fronts. First by dissolving cellular debris and pore clogging sebum and then softening pore clogging congestion and killing acne bacteria. Ideal for sluggish non-sensitive skin that is unresponsive to topical regimens.

Advanced Therapy 50 mins $115

Series of 6 $575 (SAVE $115)


Our strongest anti-acne facial doubles up on the exfoliation to rid skin of both acne and sun damage (age spots, wrinkles, uneven texture). Following advancecd enzyme technology with active salicylic acid this facial takes surface exfoliation to a new level (that is, a whole lot deeper). Sticky, hardened pore clogging oils, debris, and bacteria are swept away as unwanted pigment and textural irregularities are smoothed off this skin. Ideal for those with stubborn, non sensitive acne prone skin that is also sun damaged.

Clinical Therapy 60 mins $125

Series of 6 $625 (Savings $125)


*Back facials are also available upon request with any of the acne treatments on our menu for the same price.

**Home care products may be recommended to extend the benefits of the treatment.

Extend the benefits

Extend the benefits of your professional treatment with quality home care products. Skin Script &Control Corrective are trusted clinical lines that put the power of beautiful skin into your hands WITHOUT parabens, synthetic dyes, petrochemicals, phthalates or triclosan.


Adding insult to injury, acne's heat of the moment- with all its inflamed redness and irritation- can look bad and feel worse. By interrupting the inflammation cycle, Sulfur Calming Mask defies the discomfort and instantly offers up cooling, soothing, healing relief. Creamy, comforting therapy absorbs excess oil, helps reduced enlarged pores and offers cool relief for tender, hurting skin.


Overactive, hot-tempered oil glands are just crying out for a voice of reason. Light and silky and with a hint of citrus, Oil-Free Healing Lotion calms, purifies, tones, repairs and balances out too-oily skin with superb and soothing oil-free hydration. Hydration is just as important for oiler complexions as it is for dry ones. The key is to keep the moisture greaseless while reducing sebum imbalances.

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